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We are a health-tech startup specializing in advanced mathematics, engineering, and artificial intelligence for critical care medicine.
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We develop clinical decision support software to optimize diagnosis and therapy for improved patient care.
Technologies using population data alone are not sufficient to achieve personalized medicine. We are paving the way for a tomorrow with physiology driven, personalized medicine.
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Products & Services

Web-based calculator for identifying and staging acute renal failure using the published guidelines: KDIGO, AKIN, and RIFLE. Use it to keep a vigilant eye on current kidney health. Mobile app coming soon.

Feature List:
  • Kidney staging by urine output (UO) and serum creatinine (SCr).
  • Renal Watch™ tabular and graphical views of kidney stage results. (show more)
  • Customization of baseline serum creatinine method.
  • Comparison of stage by guideline (KDIGO vs AKIN vs RIFLE) and input data/rules (UO vs SCr).
  • Therapy recommendations per stage or risk status (KDIGO).
  • High risk checklist (KDIGO susceptibilities, exposures).
  • Import/export data and results. (hide)
Click here to demo Renal Watch Basic.
AKI App Data Acquisition
Data retrieval system to collect waveforms, measurements, settings, and alarms from ventilators and patient monitors in the ICU.

Feature List:
  • Small form factor bedside device.
  • Minimal storage requirements. (show more)
  • Wired (DR Wave™) and Wireless (DR Blue™) versions.
  • Data export to CSV or MAT file formats.
  • Bluetooth and WLAN enabled.
  • Compatible with the following ventilators: Medtronic PB840, Medtronic PB980, Maquet Servo-U, Maquet Servo-I, GE Carescape R860, Hamilton G-5, Draeger Evita, Draeger Savina, and Vyaire Avea, and with the Philips MX/MP series monitors.
  • Other medical devices, data export formats, and features available upon request. (hide)
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Data Retrieval CoVent Ventilator
Critical care ventilator controlling pressure while limiting volume delivery to patients. Our contribution in the fight against COVID-19.

Feature List:
  • Life-saving ventilation device with one mode for passive and active breathing.
  • Pressure control with safe volume limitation. (show more)

    • ...Coming Soon...

CoVent20 Ventilator Ventilator Tester
Ventilator tester enabling active and passive breathing emulation.

Feature List:
  • Enables testing of ventilator breath delivery: volume, pressure, flow.
  • Emulates patient respiratory muscle activity and spontaneous breathing. (show more)
  • Wide range of resistance (6) and compliance (10+) set points, 2L tidal volume.
  • Allows for testing patient-ventilator dyssynchrony.
  • Real-time plotting and data acquisition (lung V, P, Q, and Pmus vs. time).
  • Enables ventilator testing for ISO 80601-2-12 (Table 201.103 and 201.104), ISO 80601-2-80 (Table 201.104), and ASTM-F1100-90.
  • Clean connection to ventilator at back of device. (hide)
Click to see video demo.
Ventilator Tester

Quadrus Medical Technologies is a proud HL7 organizational member.
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R&D Services available upon request. Physiological modeling, Control Systems, Optimization, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Software Development.

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Multi-Patient Ventilator
Multi-Patient Vent App
Quadrus engineers developed a web-app to simulate ventilating multiple patients with a single ventilator as part of the COVID-19 Breath Sim Project.
Diagram of human anatomy, organ systems, and mathematical equations
Clinical System ID Seminar
Blood Pressure
Kidney Publication
Quadrus-sponsored PhD student publishes article in IEEE OJEMB on the effects of mean arterial pressure on glomerular filtration rate.

Nicolas Chbat, PhD
Nicolas Chbat, PhD
Founder, CEO
Nick has 23 years of Industrial R&D experience (GE, Mayo Clinic, Philips). He is the recipient of numerous technical and professional awards. He holds 50+ issued and filed US patents, 40+ publications and one book. He is the founder of Quadrus, Adjunct Professor of Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering at Columbia University, and Chair of the Cardiopulmonary Systems Engineering Technical Committee at IEEE-EMBS. His expertise is in Mathematical Modeling, Controls, Physiology, and Estimation.
Caitlyn Chiofolo
Caitlyn Chiofolo
Founder, COO
Caitlyn has spent a decade working on clinical decision support systems. She and Nick worked together at Philips for eight years prior to founding Quadrus. Caitlyn has experience in the design and development of algorithms, interfaces, and databases. She has fostered research collaborations and written study protocols, procedures, and contract exhibits. She holds 10 US patents (1 issued, 9 filed) and 6 publications. Her expertise is in Clinical Decision Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Clinical Research Studies.
Siddharth Chamarthy
Siddharth Chamarthy
Research Engineer
Algorithm Development
Systems Interface / Security
Pruthav Milind Khire
Data Acquisition Engineer
Software Development
Andrew Moshova
Research Engineer
Mechanical Engineering
Physiological Modeling
Mengjia Lyu
Mengjia Lyu
Electrical and Computer Engineer
Electrical Engineering
Software Development
WeiLun Lin
Graphic Designer
Graphic Design
Benjamin Czerwin
Benjamin Czerwin
Research Scientist Intern
Physiological Modeling
Software Development
Jiayao Yuan
Jiayao Yuan
Research Scientist Intern
Physiological Modeling
Data Mining
Our interns join us from the following schools: Columbia University, NYIT, Fordham University, Rutgers University, Manhattan College and CUNY.
We are always looking for enthusiastic, hard-working individuals to join our team. Check out our Career Opportunities.

In healthcare, collaboration is at the heart of meaningful innovation. We work with clinical, industrial, academic, and governmental institutions to achieve this goal. Join our efforts.