Fequently Asked Questions
  What is Quadrus Medical Technologies?
Quadrus Medical Technologies is a small health-tech startup based in New York. The company was registered in 2018 as a Delaware C-Corporation.
  Why the name Quadrus? What does Quadrus mean?
In Latin, Quadrus means four or four-sided. We see Quadrus Medical Technologies as the center of four vertices that together can accomplish great change. One quadrus that we often refer to involves the collaboration between academic, industrial, clinical, and governmental institutions. Another quadrus involves the right combination of artificial intelligence, optimization, feedback control systems, and mathematical modeling of physiology for problem-solving.
  What is the Quadrus story? Who are the founders?
Nick is a control systems engineer who became obsessed with optimizing critical care medicine after a personal experience left him in wonderment. After spending 23 years in industrial and clinical R&D settings (GE, Mayo Clinic, Philips) Nick felt the time was right to branch out. Caitlyn is a bioengineer who wanted to improve peoples’ lives. After nearly a decade at Philips and her own personal experience with the limitations of modern medicine, she was certain that in order to realize change, she would need to become a catalyst for change. Together, Nick and Caitlyn founded Quadrus Medical Technologies to pursue their shared vision of elevating the current state of medicine. This duo is invigorated to achieve their goal.
  Does Quadrus have advisors?
Quadrus has a strong team of advisors, medical and business, who advise the company and provide feedback on envisioned products' development and commercialization plans. Our medical advisory board includes members with years of critical care, pulmonary medicine, and medical device experience.
  How is Quadrus unique?
Understanding how organs function, and fail, from first principles is the foundation for developing solutions to help physicians in diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations. Data mining and artificial intelligence techniques are important and also used, but these solutions alone are limited. In using a careful balance between advanced mathematical approaches, physiological understanding, and clinical experience, the Quadrus team are uniquely positioned to provide solutions that are both technically advanced and clinically important.